We work in collaboration with businesses requiring the use of psychology services, tailoring our services to suit your needs. We currently provide solutions to a number of organisations:

GPs and Medical Services

We offer a range of services aimed at assessing and treating common and complex emotional problems. We are well placed to respond to the gap in services often found between primary and secondary mental health services. Our EDT trained clinicians are particularly well trained in working with medically unexplained symptoms.

Occupational Health Services and Directors of Small Businesses

Our services aim to provide you with ways to resolve problems with absence, performance and inappropriate behaviour. Our assessments are based on your needs and can offer you a clear picture of what the individual’s problem is along with recommendations for treatment, and possible adjustments in the workplace. Treatment is tailored to the individual and their problem with the use of outcome measures to assess progress, which is typically reported to you in an interim and closing report.


Our services are best placed to help you meet the treatment needs of your clients in conjunction with the recommendations of the expert conducting the initial report for the court. We specialise in treating psychological trauma, providing CBT in addition to ISTDP / EDT for cases of a more complex nature.