Dr Jessica Bolton

Dr Jessica Bolton

D.Clin.Psy, BA (Hons) Oxon, HCPC Reg.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Director of Thrive & EmotiHealth Direct

“My approach is to connect with you in the present moment, building on your strengths and helping you to use the wisdom of your emotions in your favour rather than against you.  Our emotional systems have survived for millions of years - so if we aren’t aware of them - it isn’t because they aren’t there.  Humans can find thousands of ways to dampen their emotional experience especially when we are in environments that are safer if we reduce ourselves or our emotional responses.  Together we uncover your emotional systems and restructure your automatic responses - this enables you to thrive long term rather than just survive day to day”.

Areas of expertise:

  • Emotional difficulties – including depression, low mood, anxiety, anger difficulties, and problems with guilt or shame
  • Life transitions – adjustment difficulties, including adjusting to motherhood, retirement, chronic health difficulties, post-traumatic stress, or bereavement
  • Issues related to early life experiences – including early developmental trauma or attachment trauma, sometimes referred to as ‘Personality’ difficulties
  • Chronic difficulties with symptoms like obsessions, compulsions, generalised anxiety, perfectionism, self sabotage, withdrawal from relationships, work or other areas, using substances, eating, workaholism, exercise or gambling
  • Treatment success where other treatments have failed – i.e. treatments including medication, cognitive behavioural therapy or long term dynamic therapy

Jessica is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in university, NHS and independent mental health settings. Jessica has specialist knowledge and experience working with teenagers and adults with a wide range of psychological difficulties. As a clinical psychologist, she has a degree in psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology and she has been trained in a variety of psychological techniques to reduce suffering and increase mental well-being. She has had additional training in broad range of therapies including learning to use and teach Intensive Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy and Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems.  A practitioner, trainer and supervisor of Experiential Dynamic Therapy; she was the President of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association 2016-2018. EDT is a group of therapies that have been shown to enable long lasting change with a broad variety of clients including those who have not recovered with other talking therapies.