Assessment session with Dr Jessica Bolton, Birmingham

Assessment session with Dr Jessica Bolton, Birmingham

Dr Jessica Bolton, Birmingham

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Dr Jessica Bolton is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in university, NHS and independent settings. 

As with all Thrive therapists, she will ask for brief questionnaires to be completed prior to the session so that we can work together to find the best way forward from the first appointment.  Sometimes, if you have told our story, again and again, you may be longing for a fresh approach and you will certainly get that here.

You can book a single assessment session or a block booking of assessment and psychotherapy sessions at a reduced cost for you.  

From our website:

As Clinical Psychologists, we have been trained to assess for a wide range of psychological problems and to make recommendations regarding the most appropriate forms of help.

The process of the assessment is collaborative, as we work with you to explore and identify the areas you would like to work on. Our stance is one of acceptance, care and compassion as we discuss your concerns and think about what you would like to achieve.

We aim to make the assessment process a therapeutic experience in itself, which means that we help you to manage any symptoms that arise in the room with us. This will help you to build the skills necessary to alleviate your difficulties right from the beginning.

By the end of the assessment, we aim to give you a better understanding of what may have contributed to the development of your difficulties and provide you with recommendations regarding the best way forward for you. If we are not best placed to help you – we will be open and honest with you about this.

The assessment session typically takes 90 minutes.

Three clinics run, so choose your preferred clinic and we will offer you the next available appointment. If you would prefer to arrange a first session directly or outside of the times offered, please contact us via


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