Be Connected - Couples Session, in Central Birmingham.

Be Connected - Couples Session, in Central Birmingham.

Dr. Jessica Bolton

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1.5-hour session for a couple 

Connecting, creating intimacy and closeness, at a pace that is right for you is our expertise.  We don't dig up the past together, we approach the future with love, care, connection, interest, and playfulness.  Encouraging you to assert who you are and to welcome your partner without judgment or agenda.  

Not for the faint-hearted, this opportunity to connect with yourself and to each other, will take courage and conviction.  Difficulties from the past, fears about the future may trigger grief and pain, we will allow these some space but will not dwell here... instead, we use the energy they provide, to connect with what you love and long for, to face into the future together. Closer, more connected, with curiosity and interest.

If you want to ready yourself for the next stage in your lives together or get some support for a difficult time, this session is for you. 

You can choose from three times of day, knowing that your appointment will be scheduled within the next six weeks.  If you would like to meet outside of these times, please contact us directly via


50 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3RJ