Be Connected - Family Session in Sutton Coldfield, B73
Be Connected - Family Session in Sutton Coldfield, B73

Be Connected - Family Session in Sutton Coldfield, B73

Dr. Kayleigh Brown

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1.5-hour session for a family (one child and up to two adults)

Connecting, creating intimacy and closeness, at a pace that is right for you and your child is our expertise.  We don't dig up the past together, we approach the present and future with love, care, connection, interest, and playfulness.  Enabling you (and your partner) to connect with your child in a safe, warm environment.  

A session that works well alongside play therapy, in this setting we focus on all seven of the primary emotional systems that are key for health and well being. 

SEEKING - our most basic system 'get-up-and-go-get-what-I-need' system.

ASSERT - using our strength to get our needs met without harming others.

SAFETY - realistic evaluation of our environment, calming as well as alerting us. 

CARE - receiving and giving care to others

CONNECTION - valuing social connection and grieving our loses.

PLEASURE - enjoying feeling good, knowing what we like!

PLAY - the most effective mechanism of learning created!  

 If any of these systems are being over or underused we can struggle.  Our Be Connected Family Session will activate each one of these, giving you access to the best solutions nature has found to our most common problems! 

This session is for up to two adults and one child.  Please contact us directly if you have any questions about this.  

You can choose from three times of day, knowing that your appointment will be scheduled within the next month.  If you would like to meet outside of these times, please contact us directly via


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