Be Connected Workshop - The Serious Business of Play - 8th June 2018

Be Connected Workshop - The Serious Business of Play - 8th June 2018

Dr Jessica Bolton & Dr Daljit Sandhu

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On 8th June 2018, Our Be Connected Workshop will focus on the serious business of PLAY.   This is a workshop strictly for adults (16+) to enhance your playful authentic connection to you and others.  We will cover a little about the research and neuroscience behind how valuable play is, strengthen your body/mind connection and connect with others.  

As with all BeConnected workshops, we will still aim to:

  • Activate your motivation and sense of direction
  • Improve your relationship with yourself 
  • Improve your ability to connect with others
  • Help you connect deeply with your emotions

But particularly focusing on the importance of play and with a lightness in our step!  

These workshops are for everyone interested in emotions, health and maximising our effectiveness in how we live our lives.

“The workshop was fabulous – I left buzzing.  Learnt so much about myself and emotions – both in myself and spotting them in others.  I feel like I’m living in the moment more, being a better mum and just enjoying being me.  So many unexpected changes – I think so many people would benefit from this opportunity!”   

This workshop is about BEING not DOING.  It's about exhaling and being interested in what is present.  It's about being with others who are also interested, yet without agenda or judgement.  It is not about what you will achieve but about how; who you are and what you are about.   

Our ability to play influences our ability to learn.  If we live on the edge, stressed and overwhelmed, we find it hard to learn, to adjust, to be flexible and adaptive.  In this state, we survive.  Ideal for short-term outcomes, not a long-term lifestyle. 

PLAY is natures solution to our need to learn new skills.  As mammals, we have so much to learn, so nature made learning fun.  How kind!

If you need more play in your life, this is the place to come.  We will consider the serious business of play with interest and, of course, playfulness. 


Chris Bryant Conference and Training Centre,
301 Reservoir Road,
Birmingham, B23 6DF