BeConnected Workshops - 6 week course or full day workshop with follow up half day.
BeConnected Workshops - 6 week course or full day workshop with follow up half day.
Activate your 'approach' emotional systems

BeConnected Workshops - 6 week course or full day workshop with follow up half day.

Dr Jessica Bolton, Birmingham

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For the past year, we have been running short Be Connected Workshops. Inclusive and welcoming, the content has been a huge success.  

We are now offering two options for those interested in being more connected to yourself and others, a six-week evening course or a 1.5-day workshop, a full day followed by a half day two weeks later.  

We will set the dates for these when we have a group ready to attend... the evening courses can occur on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening and the full day workshop and follow up day will run on a Saturday.  Book your space and we will refund you if the dates we choose don't suit you.  

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your life – everyone is welcome.  These workshops are all about becoming the best version of ourselves, in a safe and secure setting.

You may wish to attend because you:

  • Want to activate your motivation and sense of direction
  • Want to understand more about yourself
  • Want to improve your relationship with yourself 
  • Want to improve your ability to connect with others
  • Would like to be better at deeply connecting with and expressing your emotions
  • Have an interest in personal development but want to learn from the experts and from others, in a way that feels intimately tailored to you, not just from books, blogs and posts for the masses.

These workshops are for everyone interested in emotions, health and maximising our effectiveness in how we live our lives.

“The workshop was fabulous – I left buzzing.  Learnt so much about myself and emotions – both in myself and spotting them in others.  I feel like I’m living in the moment more, being a better mum and just enjoying being me.  So many unexpected changes – I think so many people would benefit from this opportunity!”   


"Since attending the workshop, I have changed direction and succeeded in turning my business around.  I now think carefully and confidently about myself and what is right for me.  I'm amazed at what is possible in such a short space of time.  Totally recommend this workshop to others!"

Our love of connection has created an intricately connected world in ways we’d never imagine.  And yet in so many ways, we have never been so disconnected from each other and ourselves.

Be Connected workshops are designed to increase your knowledge and skills, and to give you the opportunity to be connected with yourself and others.   It might sound unusual – because it is! Rarely do we have ‘being connected’ as our main aim in our activities, yet it drives and influences us more intensely than anything else.  A sense of connection can be present in any situation but it can also be absent.  And if it is repeatedly missing just when we need it most, difficulties can occur.

BeConnected is about being not doing.  It's about exhaling and being interested in what is present.  It's about being with others who are also interested, yet without agenda or judgement.  It is not about what you will achieve but about how, who you are and what you are about.   

Yet, whilst we may yearn for all of this, for connection and closeness: we can also feel weary or scared of it.  In BeConnected workshops, we use cutting-edge knowledge of emotional systems, mindfulness and body-based approaches to ensure that we connect with ourselves and others safely and authentically, with playfulness and curiosity.

This is a unique opportunity to build connection, and we also set the scene for you to build up your other emotional systems too.  Together the experience should enhance your energy and vitality, and stimulate your mind!


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